Grand Canyon 2000
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Group: Brian Alleyne, Jeff Schroeder, Dave Garcia, and myself. 

SMITA wimped out on this trip!


All picutres are sequential to the route taken.  

Day Route/Day Description Picture Files
Day 1 (9/30/2000) Plan: Car to "As far as we get" in the creek bed on South Canyon Trail.

Actual: The drive to the canyon involved Dave passing the exit for 375, claiming Aliens stole the sign.  Of course when we backtracked the 60 miles we overshot, the sign was in plain sight.  Getting to the trailhead from the freeway almost ended with us in prison after we passed two Arizona Fish and Game officers, and had them chase us at high speeds on the dirt road because they thought they smelled Marijuana in our car. We got pulled over, interrogated, and searched. Of course they didn't find anything since there was nothing to find, but quite an experience. We still don't understand what they were smelling. So we made it to the trail head and started our way down. I fell very early on when a rock slip out from under me.  I tumbled head over heals a couple times and then stopped with a banged up knee, head, and shoulder. Whew..  The weather was stormy with tons of thunder and lightening and on and off showers.  It was quite warm out though.  We ended up finding our camp site just before dark. Overall a good, but intense day.   

Day 1 Thumbnails
Day 2 (10/1/2000) Plan: Get down to the river and Vacey's Paradise via a slot canyon, and come back via the Red Wall.

Actual: This was a delightful day.  The slot canyon was great fun, and challenging. No mishaps, we had to swim a bit, but it was nice a hot, so the River's 42 degree water was quite refreshing. Vacey's Paradise was beautiful and a great place to take a dip!

Day 2 Thumbnails
Day 3 (10/2/2000) Plan: Get out of the Canyon and Drive home

Actual: We took the same route out of the canyon as we did on the way down. Of course going up was quite different. In fact it was so different, we were all saying "How did we come down this???"  The drive from the trailhead to the freeway was insane, as Brian got squirly driving out several times.  Including one turn where we almost slid right off the road.

Day 3 Thumbnails