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This one is at Whistler Ski Resort, B.C. Canada 02/2003

Me Co-Piloting my friend Mark's Conquest on a trip from Hollister, CA to Seattle, WA.

Me on my 1999 Honda CBR600 F4

Me & Parents (Diane & Frank) Christmas 2000

Glad you stopped by.

Starting at the beginning..... I was born February 9, 1976 at Valley Memorial Hospital in Livermore, CA. I did all my growing up in Pleasanton, CA.

Throughout my early school, and high school years, I was involved in many activities. I played and performed piano from age 7 until age 18. In that time, I won several competitions. Throughout my later years in grammar school and up until my junior high school days, I played little league baseball and CYO (Christian Youth Organization) basketball. I really was never that great at those sports, but I did have the chance to be on an undefeated basketball team one year. I was also on the local swim team, The Pleasanton Sea Hawks. I was quite good at swimming, and I stayed on the team for two years until I broke my arm in fourth grade. That quickly ended things, and I never got back into swimming for that team. During my freshman year of high school, I was on the Amador Valley Varsity High School Diving Team. I had a blast diving, but because it was so demanding in relation to school and health, I didn't continue diving through the rest of my High School years.

At the age of 14, I did the unthinkable and started working at the McDonald's in the Pleasanton Stoneridge Mall. I know it sounds horrible, but at that age it was great. I had more money that any 14 year old could imagine. Of course, starting work at 14 meant that I would continue working all the way through the end of high school. Some of my other early interesting jobs included a lifeguard/swim instructor, a host at Lyon's Restaurant, a product technician at the Clorox Company, and a cashier at the good guys.

I graduated from Amador Valley High School in June of 1994.  I then started my college career at UC Davis in September of 1994. I originally entered under the Chemical Engineering major, but ended up switching over to Electrical Engineering. Electrical Engineering was a much better major for me. I ended up graduating only 4 years after with Highest Honors on June 19, 1998.

Upon graduation, I accepted an Electrical Engineering position at IBM's Cottle Road Facility, and I purchased a new home.  A year after starting work with IBM I fell victim to a "Resource Reduction Plan" and consequently started a new position with PMC-Sierra. Although a strange experience so early on in my career it has proven to be very beneficial so far.  Four and a half years later, I left PMC, and moved on to a new verification position at a small startup call Vihana.  Vihana has now been acquired by Cisco Systems, Inc. and I am consequently now working for Cisco as a Technical lead in Verification.

In October of 2009 My Partner and I sold my first home and both bought a new penthouse together in downtown San Jose at "The 88". Just recently we took a 3 month round the world trip and decided on our return we wanted to be in a more exciting city; so, we sold the penthouse and made a move to San Francisco to enjoy a change of scenery and the many options SF has to offer. We love living there so far and it was one of the best decisions to make

That is probably a bit more than you wanted to know, but I think it is a good description of some major points in my life.

These days, I occupy my time traveling, trying new restaurants, working, skiing, hiking, working out, hanging out with friends, and any other interesting things that come up. I am a very easy going fellow, and I have a open mind with just about everything. I think most people would agree with that.

Thanks for taking the time to read about me!