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This Page is dedicated to all my Yosemite trips and pictures from them. 

On October 1st 2005 I took the first hiking trip with my good friends Brian & Smita since their Son Nikhil (13mos) was born. Nikhil went along on this one, and we were also accompanied by our friends Jeff and his Son Ben (8). We did the Stanislaus Peak hike from St. Mary's Pass in the Stanislaus National Forest just next to Yosemite. The winds on this hike were the strongest I have ever hiked in and they were continuous all day. Nikhil was a real trooper. Pictures to follow with the link below.

Stanislaus Peak 10/01/2005

In September of 2003 a group of 5 of my friends and I took a very pleasant two day trip to Yosemite to do the North Dome hike and then go to the top of Mt. Dana. The North Dome hike was done the day before in order to acclimate to the high altitude.  Mt. Dana is at 13,057' and it is very easy to get altitude sickness if you don't acclimate properly.  North Dome is at 7,500 ft. and it helps to hike it the day before and then spend the night before up on Tioga Pass by Saddle Bag Lake at 10,000'.  Pictures from this hike follow with the links below.

North Dome 09/06/2003

Mt. Dana 09/07/2003

Here are various other pictures taken Hiking or Flying.  The Half Dome pictures are from doing the Mountaineering Route. 

Me up against the base of the face of Half Dome.

Other Pictures from Half Dome....

halfdomeface.jpg, halfdomeface2.jpg, halfdomelookdown.jpg, halfdomelookoutvalley.jpg

Some Panoramas....

Half_Dome_North_Dome_from_Glacier_Point.jpg, halfdome_panoramic.jpg

Some Yosemite Flying Pictures...

Yosemite_1.jpg, Yosemite_2.jpg